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Many attorneys, insurance agents, financial planners, accountants, bank officers and other professionals refer estate planning, administration and tax matters to our firm. Although highly skilled and experienced in their own areas of practice, many professionals do not have the time or years of experience devoted entirely to the intricacies of one area of law. In such instances, professionals concerned with professional liability exposure and seeking expertise have found it in the best interests of their clients to refer estate planning issues to our experienced New Jersey attorney for drafting, review or implementation.
Over the 21 years of experience we have developed in one area of law, we have been retained to advise other professionals on just about every issue affecting estate planning, administration and taxation. For example, among the many areas of expertise we have developed is a critical area of analysis for most significant and sophisticated estate plans. Valuation of business and personal interests often plays an important role in estate planning. In evaluating the proper method of valuation, we consider the specific purpose of the transfer and consult regularly with appraisers and related valuation experts during the planning stage and after the transfer to advise on reporting the transfers and the proper reporting on gift and estate tax returns.
Since a large part of our practice emanates from referrals of matters from other professionals, we are very sensitive to the attention, response time and coordination necessary to fully service a client’s best interests. Although the payment of referral fees is restricted by ethics rules, participation in referred matters is encouraged and professional participation fees are available when permitted by law.
After an initial conference, typically we offer a flat fee to perform the work and implement the estate plan or administer the estate or trust. Some situations, however, have great complexity associated with planning or administration and in these instances we charge a reasonable hourly rate that considers the overall fees being charged by a referring professional.
The demands of managing a successful professional practice have never been greater. New investment vehicles have tax and estate planning implications unheard of a generation ago. Professionals must not only serve their existing clients and prospect for new ones, but also keep up to date on the latest changes in the law affecting tax and estate planning. Our educational services are designed to increase knowledge of basic estate planning concepts and advanced planning strategies. By taking advantage of the services of our seasoned New Jersey lawyer today, loved ones of your clients will be relieved of needless attorney fees and government interference in settling estates.
Our NJ law center offers seminars, workshops, checklists, legal alerts, newsletters, opinion letters and planning memoranda to professionals to facilitate the thoroughness of their advice to clients. Whether you are seeking our services “behind the scenes” or in direct contact with your clients, you can be certain that our law firm will respect the nature of your relationship with your client and accommodate the most appropriate role we can serve in offering advice for your clients.